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PETG is a very versatile filament for 3D printing and offers significant advantages in different fields of use

Durability and Resistance

It is known for its high resistance to shock and tension, making it ideal for objects that require strength. It is less fragile than PLA and ABS.


PETG is more flexible than ABS, making it suitable for objects that undergo torsion or deformation. This feature makes it great for functional and mechanical parts.

UV Resistance

Unlike ABS, it is more UV resistant, which means it can be used for objects exposed to sunlight without rapidly degrading.

Transparency and Color

The PETG is available in several variants, including transparent and colored. If you need translucent or colored objects, PETG is a good choice.

Ease of Printing

It has a print temperature similar to ABS, but is less prone to warping (warping) during printing. It is also less prone to problems with adherence to the printing plan than ABS.

Safe Food

PETG is considered safe for contact with food, which makes it suitable for printing objects such as containers or kitchen utensils.

However, it is important to note that each material has its own peculiarities. ABS, for example, is more heat resistant than PETG.

Therefore, carefully evaluate your specific needs and choose the material that best suits your project.

Good printing! πŸ–¨πŸ”§