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How to join 3D printer filaments? 

The 3D printer filament joiner allow you to connect multiple pieces of various plastic filaments used for 3D printing.

It can use PET, ABS, PLA, PETG and more materials.

3D printers are increasingly common in our homes and workplaces, alongside classic paper printers.

You often need to weld 3D printer filaments together, for example to recover clips or to obtain particular colored effects, this joining machine allows you to do this with a high degree of quality.

The FF1r filament splicer is highly configurable, from the type of plastic to be joined, for example PET – ABS – PLA – PETG, to the melting temperature, the entire joining process is automatic for perfect results.

The spooler collects the new created filament into a spool so you can load it into your 3D printer.


Why to buy the SLUNAZ FF1r

This 3D filament joiner is quite ‘green’, reducing plastic waste and allowing significant savings as well as opening new paths for your creativity.

It can be used in conjunction with other devices such as those that recover plastic from used bottles to obtain a single filament, this is particularly useful nowadays as plastic pollution becomes more and more massive, allowing short-chain recycling.

The Slunaz FF1r 3D printer filament welder has upgradable firmware for future features and bug fixes, has a touch display and a web interface that can connect to your WiFi network, allowing you different features in an intuitive way.

You can purchase spare parts and consumables separately to keep your Slunaz FF1r 3D printer filament joiner always in shape.

Watch some videos to see how the 3D printer filament joiner works.

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