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Who is Stefano Lunazzi “SLUNAZ”

“Children watch TV: as a child I wanted to open it up.

Serial inventor: I solve problems by analyzing an existing method

and repurposing it in another context”

Stefano and FF1r

First innovation when I was 8 years old

I am not an electrician, mechanic, a specialist.
But as soon as I see something, I’ve always thought about how to open it up and take it apart to rebuild it better.
“Children watch TV with admiration for what is being broadcast. I dreamed of opening it up to make a better one.”

Often those who are technical, live within the binaries of matter. Stephen has always had one quality: he understands how things work and-when he has a problem to solve-applies one of the mechanisms so known, to other objects or areas. His brain combines ideas until he creates a solution and puts it into practice.

Of ideas he has dozens a day: of solutions deployed impossible to forget the first. When he was 8 years old, his dad (“My first support from the beginning: he always believed in me”) gave him a complete set of tools in the basement. But down there he needed an emergency light that would work even without electricity: he takes the little pump that, attached to the drill, was used to move liquids from one canister to another. He attached it (“with tape,” he still remembers, smiling) to a dynamo, and then connected the whole thing with a hose to the water faucet.

“When the light came on the first time, I felt invincible.”

Many ideas everyday.

Many solutions.

Already famous in Italy.

Stefano Lunazzi with Magalli

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The Slunaz FF1r 3D printer join machine